…I’ve been watching Army Wives for the last couple hours – and I think I’m addicted.

It’s been a lazy Sunday for me.  I was very productive in the morning.  I went to Zumba toning class with a friend and had a nice brunch.  Afterwards, I came back home, put my pajamas on after a nice warm shower.  Once I got real comfy and had Netflix playing, I thought I would watch the first episode of Army Wives.  Season One is on Netflix and I’ve been seeing a lot of stuff floating around the Internet about the start of Season Seven, so I thought it would be good to see what all the fuss is about.

Before I became an Army wife myself, I was an Air Force brat.  I’m very familiar with military lifestyle and even with that, I was never interested in watching the show.  I always thought it would be an over the top dramatization of military life.  Now that I’m following a lot of Army spouse-related sites and blogs, I’m hearing all about the all-new season.  I figured I should at least watch the first-ever episode.

Well, four episodes in, I think I’m officially hooked.  It will be awhile till I catch up to season seven, but now I feel compelled to watch! 

The show does tend to highlight a lot of the really dramatic components, but there are a lot of relatable elements – and that’s what I think is drawing me in!



    • Thanks for stopping by Breeanna! Yes, you are so right! I still have a long while to catch up (I’m not even half way through the first season!), but when do have a few hours to kill, I’ll be watching it on Netflix! 🙂

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