…seeing my husband even when he’s in the field.

Lately, I’ve been thinking about how spouses dealt before the Internet age, especially during my mom’s time as a military spouse.  My husband is doing a tour in Korea right now, and my dad did a tour in Korea as well (1986-1987).  The biggest difference between what I am experiencing from my mom is that I get to see my husband’s face when I talk to him.

When my dad left for Korea, I was a 4 month-old infant.  The way my parents communicated was snail mail and phone calls from the USO.  My dad was only able to see pictures of me through mailed Polaroid pictures.  I can’t imagine waiting weeks to receive a letter to see your loved one.  Back then, all tours to Korea were unaccompanied too.  Families were not allowed to live in Korea on the military’s expense.

Anyway, I feel so thankful that I’m able to see my soldier’s smile in real time.  We truly live in an amazing world!



    • Thanks for stopping by Janelle! How exciting! Good luck with the wedding! I’m looking forward to getting to know you more from your blog too!

  1. Webcams have to be one of the greatest inventions ever! And I love your blog, it’s super cute! I’m excited to follow along!

  2. I was just planning to stop by from this week’s Wednesday Walkabout but I became completely wrapped up in your page due to the similar situation I find myself in. My boyfriend, soon to be fiance, soon to husband, will be starting a year long tour in Korea right after he finishes with AIT, and we’re planning the same sort of wedding arrangements (a quick courthouse marriage with a better reception when he returns). And we’re also from NY, me from Long Island, and he from upstate.

    And I agree with this post, social media and video chatting have completely changed today’s military relationships, making it much easier to bridge the distance gap.

    I’m really glad I stumbled across your page, and I look forward to what you have to share!

    -Lauren @ http://goingreenjourney.blogspot.com/

    • Hi Lauren! Just saw your comment, after I left one on your page! 🙂

      Good luck on your journey and I wish you the best…keep in touch!

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