Let me start by apologizing. I’m sorry I missed yesterday’s “Where I Work Wednesday!”

It was my intention to have something scheduled, but I have been SO tired from the weekend. I pretty much ran around all over the place in Austin and because of bad weather, my flight was delayed a couple hours coming home. I didn’t make it safely in my bed in NYC till 2am! Then, I had to wake up normal time for work.

And so on and so on…I had a busy day at work and I went home to eat and sleep – and it repeated on Wednesday. I blog between coming home from work and going to bed. The last two days have been brutal for me! Finally, tonight, I don’t feel like a zombie and can actually gather my thoughts.

My goal for this month is to prioritize my time better and catch-up on sleep!

On a cute note, isn’t this adorable! Check out the story here on Light of Sight.

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