My husband has been gone for a good three weeks, so I’m finally getting into a good rhythm with living solo. That doesn’t go without saying, I miss him dearly while he’s on his TDY, but I’m slowly realizing that it is slightly liberating to have all this room to myself.

While he’s away, I’ve grown accustom to doing things that I either would, a.) never do with him around because it’s embarrassing or b.) never get the chance to do with him around.

We all have some quirks that come out when we are given the chance to be alone.

Confession #1: I use the bathroom with the door open.

I ALWAYS close the door behind me when I have to use the bathroom, even if my husband is at work. You never know when he could walk in. He might come in randomly in the middle of the day the one time I chose to leave it open, if he’s around. I’d be mortified if he catches me using the bathroom (that’s just me). BUT, he’s more than a thousand miles a way, so there isn’t a chance for him to walk in. Also, I don’t care if the cat comes in…she doesn’t know what she’s seeing….

Confession #2: I talk to the cat a lot more than usual.

Xena watching me as I binge watch Criminal Minds.
Xena watching me as I binge watch Criminal Minds.

The cat is the living thing I interact with on a daily basis. It’s sad, I know, but in order to keep my sanity, I have conversations with her (weird to say, but seriously!). As silly as this sounds, she does respond to me. It might not always be in the exact way I want it, but it’s something. Also, it’s so cute how attached she is to me that I can hardly contain myself. She’s way too adorable for words. Every single room I enter, she’s right behind me. When I go to sleep and wake up for the day, she’s right next to me. I don’t care how ridiculous I sound to an outsider…I will talk to Xena when ever I need to, she always listens!

Confession #3: I let things get messy.

I usually keep my apartment in ship-shape! There is a place for everything in our home and I pride myself in having a relatively clean and tidy house. Well, I’ve sort of let things go…and I mean, “I don’t even put away all the groceries” let things go. I mean to say, I do refrigerate the perishables, but I’m talking about the pasta boxes, bag of chips, canned goods and anything else that’s similar. They are just still in a bag on the dining room table. In addition, my husband and I have received a lot of shipping boxes in the last couple of weeks. I ordered some stuff online and so did my husband. I have about five or so brown shipping boxes all over the apartment. Honestly, I’ve just been a little lazy in the “keep the house tidy” department. I seriously need to remedy that ASAP. Or at least bring the boxes to recycling and take groceries out of the bag…something needs to be done!

Confession #4: I watch shows and movies that I know my husband wouldn’t watch.

Who doesn’t do this?! We’re all guilty of binge watching TV when we’re alone or have the time. This is something that I’m sure I share with others out there in the world. My husband and I do love to sit down and watch TV together, so I strictly limit my TV watching on things I know my husband wouldn’t typically watch. Like, So You Think You Can Dance..I love it!…my husband tried watching the show with me once, but I just saw his eyes glaze over. In an effort to not unintentionally torture my husband although he tries to watch it with me, I’ll take the time to catch-up while he’s out. Thank goodness for primetime on-demand, Netflix and RedBox!

Confession #5: I go for days without stepping outside.

This is by far my most embarrassing confession. Thankfully I abide by my “Work from Home Rules,” so I do get dressed every morning. It’s just I may not get direct sunlight. I do go to the gym, which requires me to go outside, just not everyday. Also, I really have no need to because I have everything I need at home. It’s nice to get out of the house every once in a while for longer than a gym visit, so I’m trying to be better about taking my mobile office out to work from a coffee shop. My motivation is not at its highest with my husband gone. I need to rally and get myself out more!

What is your confession? I would love to hear it!




  1. I rarely ever cook when Kyle is gone and that is a drastic change from when he is home haha.

  2. I aam so with you on 1, 2 and 4! Something else I do is not get made up every day like normal. It’s nice taking a break from that every now and then.

  3. I also don’t shut the door when he’s not home. The cat acts like the world is ending if I go in the bathroom without her and shut the door, so I leave it open and then have to amuse the cat. I also don’t cook. I eat a shocking amount of cereal and toast for dinner.

  4. I sleep on John’s side of the bed when he’s not. It’s not because I miss him and it smells like him or anything. His side actually feels comfier. LOL

  5. before we had kids, i would not cook at all. the year he was deployed before children i cooked 1 time. the whole year. true story. i think i had rickets that year.

  6. I totally do all those things too! Not so much #4, I usually set the tv to BBCA and leave it lol.

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