I wasn't completely assistant helped me keep the pages warm.
I wasn’t completely alone…my assistant helped me keep the pages warm.

Last weekend was my first weekend all by myself. In a way, I was actually looking forward to it. Of course, I missed my husband and friends, especially after my NYC visit the following last weekend. It was just refreshing to go around town and be on my own for a bit. I used the time to get started on something I committed to doing while my husband is away and that’s starting a duty station scrapbook.

So far, I’m doing pretty well with all tips I shared in my Operation In Touch blog story!

I went to a local diner to have a quick breakfast. Afterwards, I went to Target to take a look at their scrapbooking section. Last time I was there I noticed a lot of cute things. Well, I didn’t really like the actual book selection, but was able to grab scrapbooking pages and sticker letters. I knew I had a lot to work with in regards of items to fill it. I plan on starting with putting pages  together and go to another craft store for additional accessories and look at books. 

My husband and I have been lucky to spend a lot of our time together exploring around the Fort Belvoir area. Every time we went somewhere new, I managed to collect brochures, tickets, maps and other miscellaneous stuff. All great mementos for a potential scrapbook!

We’ve really been enjoying ourselves here in Virginia and plan to make the most of anywhere else we go. Putting together a book with all our fun moments is a great way to preserve the memories. This new activity is a great way to spend my free time too. It keeps me busy and it’s also nice to recall all the exciting trips and things we’ve explored together in just our short time here. I’m looking forward to when he gets back to continue the memories!

Do you have a hobby that keeps you busy while your spouse is away?



  1. I love this, such a great idea! My hobby is running…it keeps my brain focused. 🙂

  2. What gets me through is crafting a working out. I get in awesome shape when my husband is gone and then fall off the bandwagon somewhat when he gets back. Oops ; P

  3. My “hobby” during this past deployment was planning our wedding! 🙂 But we may be separated for about a month near the end of the year, because I’ll have to finish up the semester here while my husband potentially PCS’s ahead of me. I’ll be studying for finals…but I’ll also probably be continuing to do house-hunting on Zillow. 🙂

    • Rachel Reply

      That was my big hobby while my husband was in Korea! Don’t forget to check out for houses too 😉

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