Of course, Xena had to have an eye issue when my husband is gone!ProArmyWifeXena

When I was finishing up my day in the office on Friday, I noticed that Xena was swaying back and forth and one eye was completely shut. She kept pawing at that eye and just looked extremely uncomfortable. 

I started to freak a little.

I looked closer and tried to gently open her closed eye, but she started tearing up and wanted to keep it closed. My hearts starts to race because I know something is wrong. What makes matters worse, I’m all by myself and was unable to communicate to my husband. He was still in class. We adopted her several months ago and she is all up-to-date with her vet visits, so I haven’t gotten the chance to find a local one in the area.

As soon as my heart started to slow down a bit, I frantically searched online for vets in the area and to see if any are open. I wanted to try and choice a vet that way we can just keep going to one place for consistency (at least till we PCS). I called in and scheduled the first available visit.

Early this morning, I took Xena to her first vet visit as a member of the family. Naturally, she was terrified, but very well-mannered. I was such a proud pet parent as the vet and vet tech handled her. She was a trooper!

They dropped some neon stuff in her eye to see if it was scratched, but it wasn’t. There was still an issue because her third eyelid was defensively closed, so she was prescribed some eye ointment. She was not a fan of all the attention to her eye.

Anyway, I was glad that I took her in because she’s already feeling better. I’m happy with the vet clinic and everyone there was so nice. Xena has a follow-up appointment on Friday to make sure the ointment is doing the trick.

Wish me luck with applying the stuff on her eye by myself! The way they showed me to do it was a two person job — one person to hold the cat down and another to apply it to the eye — well, it’s just me, so I’m sure it will be interesting….

Have you had any pet emergencies happen while your spouse is away?



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