I’m back!

The last couple of weeks have been CRAZY! First, I’ve been catching up from my parents visit AND planning ahead for being away for my Arizona trip. I practically didn’t have any time to myself. Plus, I’ve just been so antsy to finally see my husband again.

Last week, I saw my husband graduate a class. It was my very first official Army spouse proud moment. Because most of the soldiers that graduated came from outside of Arizona, a lot of family members weren’t present. I wasn’t the only crazy family member that showed. It was nice to be able to sit with others that were able to attend too.

Not only was this trip an opportunity for me to be involved in an important career stepping point for my husband, I appreciated the time away from our current duty station. I love it here in Virginia, but I can only deal with so much traffic and congestion. I really needed to get away on a plane to a completely different location for a little bit. The mountains in the Sierra Vista area are gorgeous and the roads are bare enough to book it down at 80 mph — talk about refreshing coming from bumper to bumper.

Aside from enjoying the getaway, I was ready for my husband to come back home. Now that we have a home together, it was really hard for me to get through our first long separation. At least for his year in Korea, I was nearby friends and in a familiar environment.

So, no more excuses! I should have more creative juices flowing now that my partner in crime is home.



  1. You were at Huachuca!? You were only 4 hours away from me, we loved our time there it was great.

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