PinterestvsrealityProArmyGood news! My wedding album arrived and I couldn’t be happier.

My husband and I procrastinated for months because we were busy, you know…being married…to sit down and go through everything from our wedding day. We’ve just been enjoying what married life has brought us.

After six months of wedded bliss, our album came to me and very timely, I might add. My husband has been away for a month now with less than a month till I see him for his graduation. Seeing all the pictures displayed in a different way, brought some much needed smiles to me.

When I started wedding planning awhile ago, I took to Pinterest to gather all my ideas. I think I even shared some of my DIY journeys on my blog here and here. Now, I have photo evidence and would love to share with you how I did it. First, let me show you the Pinterest version vs. my version. I can’t express to you the importance of a photography shot list! Looking back, there were certain poses that I would have loved to do. Either way, I am EXTREMELY happy with my pictures because there were some situations that I didn’t even think of that made beautiful pictures. Thank you to My Wedding Shoppe for making my wedding day unforgettable.

I was surprised how many of the Pinterest pictures were done at my wedding, so I’m splitting up my “Pinterest vs. Reality” post into installments. Here is the first set….

Table Centerpieces


How I Met Each Bridesmaid


Filipino Traditions

The cord sponsors place the cord over Rhonda and Mike after the veil is pinned.10524658_10100530892798567_850813759359113872_n

Social Media Call-Out


Thank You!




  1. Beautiful pictures! I love your versions of the Pinterest things. They came out great!

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