ProArmyWifeParentsVisitI have to admit, I spent a lot of my pre-teen and teenage years trying to pry myself away from my parents. I’m an only child, so I got a lot of attention. Not to mention, I received a lot of pressure.

Well, now approaching 30, I realized that I was being way too dramatic and that they weren’t smothering me. They were just being normal parents. Is that when you realize that you’re an adult? I like to think that is when I did.

Here I am, 28 years old, married to an amazing man, living the dream in our first home and doing a job that I love, but I miss my parents so much.

As a child, you got from seeing them everyday to not really knowing when you’re going to see them. I moved to NYC for college and ever since, my time with them has been numbered. It also becomes numbered when you’re involved in the military. When my husband’s orders changed from Hood to Belvoir, I was pretty devastated. I thought it would be my chance to be close to them again.

This past weekend, my parents visited me for the first time here in Virginia. That was the main reason I’ve been MIA.

I was pretty much scrambling every which way to make sure they had a good time here. My dad booked their plane tickets just weeks before their flight, so I didn’t have much time to plan things out. They flew in Saturday, so we spent Sunday walking around DC. It was such a beautiful day!




It was for sure that I wanted to show them around Fort Belvoir area. We made plans to go to NYC on 9/11 too. That deserves its own post. 🙂

When did you realize you’re an adult?




  1. I feel the exact same way that you do. For so long I wanted to get away from my parents (I am the youngest of 5) and now what I wouldn’t give to have that time back. When my Mom passed I realized how we didn’t have enough time together and now I cherish the time I do get to spend with my Dad.

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