when allergies attack pro army wifeFor me, I become miserable.

I didn’t think it would be as bad as when I lived in Texas, but Virginia is kicking my butt! Now that Fall is in full swing, Ragweed is plentiful and my sinuses have been going crazy. I started feeling yucky when the season started, but have been doing my Saline solution and Vitamin C regimen. I thought I was in the clear…till this past weekend.

It hit me like a pile of bricks on Saturday. Sadly, it got my husband first and it moved onto me. We were both a couple of miserable people this past weekend. A couple of snotty, coughy messes. With every change of season, I get all “sinusy.” It’s like my body can’t take it. This past weekend put me over the edge. I think I’m going to see an allergist. I’ve been putting it off among other things like my bum knee, which I finally have physical therapy scheduled and undergone an MRI. (I’m still in denial.)

Is it just me or aren’t I too young to have all these issues?! My father has really bad allergies too (probably worse) — and actually has to get weekly shots at peak seasons. I really hope I’m not THAT bad. Getting sick just messes with my mojo and knocks me off kilter. My priorities lie with my job, so my blog (once again), gets left in the wayside. And even with that, I have to be realistic. I can’t possibly be productive is my eyes swell up like a melon. Ugh.

Yesterday, I put a call-out on my personal Facebook page on home remedies. Since then, I’ve been drinking gallons of tea with honey, taken multiple hot showers and washed out my sinuses with saline solution. Now, I’m putting a call-out here to my very dear readers. What do you do when you get allergies (or a cold)? I’m game to trying almost anything. 🙂



  1. I had really bad allergies when we lived in NC, I never had issues anywhere else. It was really weird. I had to start taking claritin.

    • Rachel Reply

      Thanks for the suggestions! Definitely going to give them a try, do you mix the Sprite Zero and OJ together?

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