#TBTHow many people use Timehop

I’ve seen a lot of my friends throughout social media share some great flashbacks because of Timehop, so I had to get in on it. A couple weeks ago, a photo from my farewell lunch at my old job came up. When I saw the picture, it made me feel very nostalgic. It’s incredibly to think that at that moment the picture was taken, I had no idea where I would end up a year later. Everything was so up in the air…I haven’t had my reunion with my husband…I still had the move to Virginia ahead of me…we didn’t have our church wedding yet…that lunch was an opportunity for my work family to get together.

My coworkers become another extension of my family, so I’ve coined the phrase work family. Just like blood relatives that are born in, work families grow as you move to another environment or position. I’ve been lucky to have worked with so many different amazing people that have also became friends. I miss them all and know whenever I find myself back in New York City, I can give them a call too.

So, earlier this month was my first anniversary starting a new type of work journey with freelancing and I’ve been so lucky that my family is growing. I work with amazing people everyday and am truly honored to be among them. 

With that said, I’m excited to continue this journey and also celebrate our second, first anniversary (is that right?) on Sunday. Well, it’s the first time we’re celebrating an anniversary ever, so I’m excited! 


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