My Year in ReviewAs I welcomed 2015, I couldn’t believe that a whole year as passed since moving here. It’s been a crazy, amazing and beautiful year of exploring all aspects of life as a military spouse newlywed. I’ve learned so much about myself and still feel like there are a million more things to learn.

I’ve never been happier and look forward to everyday! 

Last month, I mentioned that I been out of touch on some things (i.e. blogging). Among the million more things to learn, I’m continuously learning how to balance everything in my life. In 2014, I’ve been living by the moment with even my thoughts in flux. My husband and I have been enjoying sightseeing and being married. Here’s just a small list of 2014 life changes and adventures (good, bad and the ugly)!


The big PCS: This one was definitely not as big as the PCS cross-country road trip I took with my husband in 2012, but it was still a big one for me because I moved too!

Wedding in Texas: The year of planning our wedding finally came to pass. It was an amazing day with all our family and friends. I’m looking forward to celebrating our first anniversary later this month!

Amazing honeymoon in the Caribbean: The day after our amazing day, we shipped off on a wonderful cruise honeymoon!


Officially started working as a freelancer: Working from home
 has been amazing and it also helps that I love everyone I work with. 🙂


Became a fur parent: We adopted an adorable kitty named Xena.


Really began to explore the area: We took up biking and would travel around to local parks like the Mount Vernon Trail. In addition, we took some day trips into DC to do the touristy things like witness the cherry blossoms in bloom.


Celebrated my birthday on the Potomac: In between TDYs, my husband and I were able to be together on my birthday and took a fun river boat tour on the Potomac River.

Memorial Day Weekend at Colonial Williamsburg: We stayed at one of the historic tavern homes and had a blast.


Celebrated my grandmother’s life: My beloved grandmother passed and I traveled to Texas to be with family. I love her and miss her everyday. 


Fourth of July at Virginia Beach: I had a fantastic time at Virginia Beach!


Two months of TDY: My husband left for a two month assignment.

Girl’s trip to NYC: Saw the Yankees with my girlfriends on free cowboy hat day!


Parents visit!: I was so happy to have my parents see my husband and I’s first home. We had a fantastic time exploring Northern Virginia with ending our trip in NYC!


 Shenandoah National Park in the Fall: Stayed at a historic cabin and visited Luray Caverns. 


Thanksgiving in Gettysburg: My husband and I took a long weekend trip to Gettysburg and spent our time learning about the happenings there during the Civil War.


Christmas Cruise and time with family: My husband and I flew to Texas for a fun cruise to Central America and then spent a week with family.



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