Alone on Valentine's Day-Back in 2013, I wrote a handful of blog posts for MilPages. The site now operates as forum for military members now and all my entries aren’t live anymore. I thought it would be appropriate to share my very first entry with them because it was about Valentine’s Day — and how I’ve used to spend the day alone….

Here is what I wrote two years ago:

I’ve never spent Valentine’s Day with my husband and I won’t this year either. It doesn’t bother me though. I swear I’m not the Valentine’s Day scrooge. I believe we should show love to the people we care about every day – we don’t need just one day for it.

I’d be lying if I said being separated from my husband is easy. It’s far from it. We just have to remember the important details – that our husband loves us no matter where they are, we love them wherever they may be, and because they aren’t here right now, the world is not over. It’s still difficult for a lot of spouses on Valentine’s Day when their loved one is away. So, that’s why we should turn it around and make Valentine’s Day about us!

Below are some activities that have always made my day and can hopefully make yours too!

Rereading an old favorite at a local park or by the fire: I have a rotation of guilty pleasure reads, which include books by Jane Austen, Charlaine Harris and J.K. Rowling. If you reside in the warmer states (my home state is Texas), February is the perfect month to read outdoors with temperatures in the mid-70s. If you’re in the North or anywhere cold (I currently live in NYC), it’s best to read your book indoors cuddled up by the fire or snuggled up on the couch. I really enjoy rereading books I’ve already read because there are no unexpected surprises and it’s refreshing to relive exciting moments in the book again!

Pamper yourself: I rarely take any time for myself, but I’ve found that it’s been beneficial to pamper myself every once in awhile. Take some time out of your busy to schedule a mani/pedi or hair appointment. You’d be surprised how refreshed you’ll feel after an hour or so of relaxation, especially from a hectic week of running around and taking care of business for your family. Use this time to reboot and recharge, so you can tackle more craziness that comes your way!

Take the long way home: A nice long scenic walk helps take the edge off things. When I’m having an off-day at the office, I’ll take a walk to the next subway station to blow off some steam. On my walk, I get distracted by my surroundings and take in the sights. It’s nice to explore different routes and I always discover something new about the city each time.

Get your body moving: I’m a Zumba fiend! Actually, I enjoy dancing in general, but I’m hooked on Zumba because of the group experience. Lots of local gyms on post/base offer Zumba classes, so check it out! I also have the Zumba game for my Wii at home. If you don’t have a game console or want to travel to go to the gym, turn on the radio or your iPod to play some jams and dance in your home!

Girls night out or night in: Nothing beats being with your best friends. Let’s be honest, without them, you wouldn’t have an avenue to vent, share your thoughts, hear suggestions, etc. They are your emotional sounding board and at times, been your voice of reason. It’s important to show them how much you care, especially after everything that they’ve done. Collect your closest friends for a special dinner night at your favorite restaurant or you can order in and watch a movie together in the comfort of your living room. Whatever you decide, it will be nice to be surrounded by people that know you well – and to be yourself with while your spouse is away.



  1. I actually posted something like this on my own blog. I was fortunate enough to have my Air Force husband with me this Valentine’s Day, as he ended up having to go TDY the following Monday. Knowing he was leaving made it all a little bittersweet, especially since he misses out on a lot of other things, but I’m starting to get used to it. We’ve only been married for five years, so I definitely thought it would have gotten a lot easier. It really hasn’t gotten that much easier; just when I thought it had, I bawled my eyes out at the airport! Maybe it just takes more time?

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