Last weekend was the first anniversary of my church wedding! 

My husband and I decided to utilize a Bed & Breakfast deal we nabbed for a romantic overnight stay. I think I’m hooked on the B&B experience (as I’ve mentioned before, haha). We got back home on our anniversary afternoon to finish off the weekend relaxing around our home. I actually turned on our wedding video and replayed the ceremony for the second time since getting it (my parents watched it when they visited). It was so amazing to be able to watch our ceremony from another perspective — and it made me really glad that we opted to video tape our wedding. 

Anyway, I mentioned in my first installment of Pinterest vs. Reality that I used the platform a lot to brainstorm photo ideas. I also looped in my bridesmaids, so they could share their awesome input. 

The picture that totally sold me on letting my bridesmaids pick their own dress…


You’ve already seen a lot of pictures with me any my girlfriends — and you’ll be able to see the different dresses again in some comparisons below. I liked the mis-matched styles because it brought out the personalities of each of my friends and it also allowed them to purchase (or even use) a dresses that they would wear again.

Cowboy Boots Show-Off



Bridesmaid Portrait (with boots of course)



Kiss Under the Stetson



Guest “Book” Picture





  1. I love how you made these ideas your own. They are great additions to your wedding. 🙂

  2. Beautiful! I seriously wish Pinterest had been around when I was planning our wedding.

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