WestmorelandProArmyWifeMy husband and I officially kicked off Summer with our first camping trip of the season! 

During our time here, we’re trying to make an effort to explore all the regional parks as well. Last year, we cabin camped at Lake Anna State Park and we don’t even count that as “real” camping because we didn’t pitch a tent. Our camping time was cut short last year because of a series of TDYs. 

This year, we’ve given a little more Summer time, but it will still have to end short for another TDY! That meant we needed to schedule some camping time in a jiffy! We’re pretty much just going down the list of nearby parks to camp with places to swim too. Westmoreland State Park popped up in the search on Virginia State Parks. It’s only about 1-2 hours away, so it’s easy enough for us to head out on a Friday night. 

We got to the site in the nick of time with 30 minutes of sun to spare. Our tent was pitched in ten minutes and we have a fire started for dinner shortly after. Next time, we’re going to draft a running camping list to make sure we don’t forget anything because we didn’t bring our camping chairs! Luckily, each site had a picnic bench, but it’s not so comfortable to lounge on! 

It was a pleasant time and I loved that the park bordered the Potomac River making for some amazing sites. We hiked nearly all the trails available and spent some time on the beach too. Because of the strong currents on the beach, they recommended using the pool that was provided just steps away. We swam for a couple hours and then, laid on the beach to dry off for another hour. 

I’m totally a city girl. My family NEVER took me camping and it was very rare that they took me to parks! If anything, they would take me to the parks in the city. I always loved the outdoors though, even when I was little. I would go play in the woods nearby my house and get dirty. So, I knew I would enjoy camping and I’m so happy that it’s something that I can share with my husband. 

I don’t know if I could do backcountry camping though! I like having a toilet and showers readily available, so I guess I’m like the Goldilocks of camping, it needs to be just right in order for me to enjoy it! 🙂



Nature at its beauty #nofilter

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  1. I’m not a camper either. I need showers and toilets and carpets and doors that lock. My boys want to go camping so badly though so it’s only a matter of time. That beach trail is amazing though!

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