Talk about an amazing whirlwind experience!you will not get what you truly deserve if you’re too attached to the things you’re supposedto let go of.

First, a huge thank you goes out to my homegirl, Jo, My Gosh for being such an amazing person and for allowing my crazy self to sit next to her at the event. Plus, an even bigger thank you goes out to Blue Star Families for their continued support to military families everywhere. If it weren’t for y’all at BSF, we wouldn’t have been able to go, so you rock!

I’ve been in the Metro DC area now for almost two years and consider myself lucky to be surrounded by so many awesome historical places and I wouldn’t be completely surprised if I stumbled on the First Lady of the United States and Doctor Biden, but I never imagined I would be in the same room as His Royal Highness Prince Harry of Wales.

The trio, Michelle Obama, Jill Biden and Prince Harry made a special appearance at Fort Belvoir earlier this week at a special event kicking off the Invictus Games that the United States will be hosting next year. Prince Harry launched the Invictus Games in the UK after witnessing the Warrior Games in the US. He wanted an event like that on a global level. He saw the importance of sport in the rebalilitation process for wounded warriors.

I was awe-inspired listening to everyone at the event as well as humbled watching the para-atheletes play a period of basketball. I truly encourage everyone to support and our wounded warriors in everyway possible. Also, it’s important to support the caregivers and family members of those wounded warriors. A small way to do so is watch the Invictus Games in May 2016!

Here are some images captured from the day:




Had Prince Harry, the First Lady and Dr Biden walk my direction at the same time… #starstruck

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