GradSchoolI’m going to let you in on a huge secret I’ve been keeping from pretty much everybody. I applied to Grad School about a month ago. Seriously though, I didn’t even tell my parents, it was that BIG of a secret (I tell my parents nearly everything). A combination of extreme nervousness and fear of disappointment (as silly as it sounds) kept me from telling people.

I’ve been exploring programs nonchalantly for the last year and hoping to come across a program that caught my attention. Of course, I’ve been working in both the public relations and journalism realm, so I didn’t want to be too specific on either with a graduate degree. That’s why I brushed aside so many programs that came my way.

Then, I discovered American University’s Master of Arts in Strategic Communications. After researching and discussing the program with an adviser, I was convinced this school was the right one for me. It’s local to me (for now) AND they offer an online program. It gives me the ability to utilize their campus in Washington DC and the Internet to keep my studies going if/when the military moves us from here. 

Ultimately, my goal is to have my education compliment my work experience and to really capitalize on what American University can give me. I bit the bullet and reached out to my oldest mentors to write a recommendation and secretly wrote my Statement of Purpose. After paying the dues and filling out my information, I submitted my application. The worst that could happen was I didn’t get accepted and I would still continue to move onward and upward in my career endeavors.  

Well, a couple weeks ago, I received amazing news. I have been accepted. And I can’t be any happier! 

I know what you’re thinking…how are you going to do it all?! That’s something I’ve been asking myself a lot too.

My husband is also currently working on a degree (he started a couple weeks ago!) and we’ve committed to helping each other on our new journey. AKA our free time will now consist of studying, which I’m kind of digging because it will feel like I have a school sweetheart. Library study sessions, hand holding on campus, why yes and thank you. We already took a stroll on campus over the weekend, so I could check out the situation. In addition, the program is designed for full-time professionals (holler!) and is done at a one-class-at-a-time pace. Otherwise, I think I might have gone crazy. 

Working from home has given me the right mentality to keep myself accountable in my time management. I am extremely confident that I can do it and more! Besides, the things I will learn in the classroom will go directly into my work. It’s really a win-win and hope that with the knowledge I gain, I can make more invaluable contributions t and grow my at-home business by leaps and bounds.  

Y’all I can’t be any more happier with how things are ebbing and flowing in my life and in particular, my career. I was so scared and nervous when I started doing my own thang, but seriously, it has been amazing! I have loads more work on my plate and wonderful opportunities at my fingertips.

I pinkie promise to share more of my journey with you all because I think there is some value in it. For real, three years today, I sat in a courtroom with my husband and married him before an overseas tour. I was extremely happy to marry him, but then there was an overwhelming sense of uncertainty too because I knew I was leaving my job. Flash forward to today, I work that same team again on a project basis among other projects and contracts with amazing people. It is truly awesome! 



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