10 lessons learned

Xena is a joy. When my husband and I adopted her almost two years ago, I couldn’t imagine how she would imprint on our lives. It sounds silly, but she seriously brings happiness to us. Xena is weirdly and adorably attached to both my husband and I — and must follow us where ever in our home we go. And if we happen to be in two different rooms, she has no idea what to do. Most of the time, she sits smack dab in the middle, patiently waiting for when we are in the same room again. She eats when we do, she sleeps when we do and she lounges in the living room when we do. 

I work from home, so when I am working, she either sits on my desk, her window hammock or futon (the latter two is where I prefer her to be). One of my favorite Xena moments are when my husband is away on TDY, she sleeps on the bed where he typically would be. She is my home girl.

Our pets surprise us all the time and it’s wonderful. We are happy that we decided to take on pet parenthood. Despite being so obsessed with us (it’s okay because we pretty obsessed with her), her furry little butt does her own thing. Xena has a ton of personality and living with her has taught me many things. 

Here are the 10 lessons Xena has taught me over the years:



Xena loves to play! Her little panting session after some good jumps…#catsofinstagram #playfulkitty #kitty

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Play with anything and everything.

We live in a big playground, so why not have fun! Xena sees the fun in most things. The pen I’m writing with, an actual cat toy, or the hair tie on my head, she sees the potential of fun. 


Distractions should be welcomed.

To be productive, we need a little break every once in a while, right?

When all else fails, take a nap.

Sometimes you need a break. It’s completely okay to throw your hands up and take to a warm bed to rest. 

You learn from being curious. 

Curiosity made the cat smarter! We live and learn.

Getting a box in the mail is awesome!

Who doesn’t love mail?!



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Appreciate the little things.

Sitting by the window soaking up the sun, curled up in a ball on the couch, and getting a chance to play with a piece of string (or maybe in our case play with legos or puzzles), all of which are simple pleasure to enjoy. Take it all in!

Life’s too short not to be crazy.

There are times to take things seriously, but don’t forget to let loose every once in a while. 

Snuggling is a great pastime!

I have to agree. Waking up to cat cuddles is great. 🙂

Entertaining yourself is actually fun.

So, that shiny ball can be the perfect way to have a blast!



Happy #nationalcatday from Xena and myself to you! #catlady #meow #catsofinstagram

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Be yourself.

No matter what, you are awesome. Whether you are chasing around a shiny ball or attempting to eat paper (yes, she does this and we don’t know why), it is you and don’t stop being you. 



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