turning30Now that we’re in April, the first thing that comes to mind is my birthday is a month away (YAY!). This one is sticking out more than others though because I’m turning 30. Yes, you read it right…I’m turning THREE-ZERO, THIRTY, and any other variation that reflects the number 3 and 0.

Want to hear something stinky too?

My husband won’t be around. Whomp, whomp. ‘Tis the life of a military spouse.

No biggie because we plan to celebrate before he leaves in a couple of weeks. The Lion King has a traveling show starting in Richmond…AND I MUST SEE IT! I didn’t have a chance to see it on Broadway and we’ve decided to make a little overnight trip out of it. I’m pretty pumped!

Anyway, another exciting thing coming up is my parents along with my uncle and aunt are coming up to visit while my husband is away too! My dad being my dad bought tickets flying into NYC instead of DC so we can catch a Yankee game over the weekend (of course!). I’ll drive to NYC and will drive the family back to DC. In addition, this will be my Filipino uncle and aunt’s first time visiting the East Coast. I’m thrilled to take them around town, especially sightseeing in the Capital and NYC areas.

Besides my dad’s obvious Yankee motive, my family is coming to visit to help celebrate my birthday since I’ll be solo. Gotta love them. All the attention got me thinking of a bucket list. Did I manage to do everything I wanted to do before turning 30?

Well, I’m pretty happy with life right now and can’t think of any BIG goals to finish. In fact, the thoughts that have been coming to mind are things that I never expected would be a part of my life as I approach 30.

For example, a big one is that I’m actually married…WHAT?! Yes, I never thought marriage was in the cards for me. Men, yes, but not tying the knot with one dude FOR-EVER.

The joke is on me.

But, it’s the best joke ever — because I found THE ONE. As cheesy and cliché as it sounds, the man the internet stumbled my way is the ying to my yang. I guess it took me meeting my other half to understand.

Another detail that I didn’t plan on…is that I would be marrying the Army too. That’s where my friends would have disagreed because I admittedly had a thing for guys in a uniform, so I guess it was inevitable. Gosh darn it.

Adding on to that, I left NYC and am living in the DC area now. Just ten years ago, I would have said, “you’ve got to be kidding me?!” because I had no plans to leave NYC…ever. NYC is forever my (second) home. The place I became an adult. The place where I have countless memories that make me smile. The place I made lifelong beloved friends. I LOVE NEW YORK.

Lots of reflection as I get ready for my thirtieth birthday and now I look forward to the next thirty. Who knows what will come my way, but I’m looking forward to the ride!



  1. Yay for turning 30! I turned 30 last year and it really has been awesome! 🙂

    • I’ll be in wonderful company in the 30 club! 🙂 I hear it’s awesome too!

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