It’s been five months, y’all! 

We’ve been here for that long and I’m finally feeling like I’m settling into a routine. For me, the biggest struggle is the huge change from Virginia to South Korea. By all means, it’s not a bad change. Daegu is great!

The people are wonderful. Daegu has lots of stuff nearby to see and do – and eat. For example, when we found an adorable Italian restaurant around the corner, I asked my spouse if he was able to enjoy different cuisine last time he was at a Korean station, the answer was no. So, I’m thrilled for the chance to eat my way through town. Seoul is easily accessible by train in 2-3 hours. Other awesome cities are also a quick train ride (the city gal in me is pumped for the mass transit!).

So. Many. Travel. Opportunities!

Aside from the greatness of our duty station location, it’s still tough to acclimate to a different culture. Plus, I really am so far away from home – nearly a whole day ahead of most of the people I love. It doesn’t help that I work from home and I keep to myself in our off-post apartment. We live among Koreans in a great apartment, but I’m alone for most of the day. 

I did meet a handful of amazing spouses when I first arrived that have made the transition easier. I’m already so thankful for the new friendships I’ve made. I’ve also managed to get out there (finally!) to a spouses’ club gathering to meet more people. It was so great to be among other spouses’ that share a desire to give back to the community. I’m glad my funk is wearing out and Daegu is feeling like home. 

The funny thing is that we unpacked immediately in hopes to settle in quickly. Our household goods arrived on a Friday in May and we unpacked our last box on a Monday. Everything has a place in our new home, which ultimately helps my OCD. However, I was hoping it would also feel like home.

I thought about the time I started feeling like home in Virginia. It feels like it took me 5-6 months there too. I’m starting to think that the timeframe it takes me to settle into a new place is half a year. And the more I thought about it, it does take time to feel comfortable in a completely new area. I’ve found my favorite coffee shop. We have a routine we follow on most weekends and that’s walking downtown to enjoy dinner and the sights. 

Perhaps it will get easier after each assignment. Maybe it will always take time for me feel at home. Either way, I wonder how long it takes others to settle in.

How long does it take you to settle in after a new move?


  1. 5-6 months seems about right for me too! That’s about how long we’ve been at our current duty station, and I’m finally starting to feel settled.

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