Autumn in Northern Virginia is on point. However, Daegu is giving it a run for its money! My spouse told me the slogan for the city: Colorful Daegu directly relates to how the surrounding mountains look during the change of seasons. 

Last Saturday, we decided to hike the Apsan Mountain. We’ve been wanting to do it for the longest time! With all the craziness in the last month, it kept us from doing it. My spouse got some intel about where the start of the trailhead was located and we headed there.

When we looked at the map, it seemed like we couldn’t get to the summit from where we were without going on the cable car. So, we decided to cheat a little and head up. Once we were close to the summit, we hiked a couple hours in either direction to get our steps up.

It was a beautiful hike with so many colors. Colorful Daegu it is! 

The view of one side of the city!

We’ll definitely go back a lot because it’s literally right in our backyard! 

Does your duty station or home experience the Fall colors?

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