Before getting into why you should consider going to South Korea, I wanted to give you all a huge virtual hug. Since sharing about my miscarriage, I have been receiving so much positivity and love. It’s been wonderful and oh so helpful. I cannot begin to express how thankful I am for everyone.

When I first got pregnant, I was nervous being in a foreign country, especially at a location where the majority of its population doesn’t speak English. How will I ever get by? I have to say, I’ve never been so impressed with the service and care I received at the Korean hospital. They were very caring and comforting, especially when complications arose. I was truly blown away. 

It got me thinking about other things about this duty station that has impressed me. I’m just so glad I decided to come to Korea this time around. There are times when tagging along might not be right. I’ve been there and done that. The first time Korea orders came to us, I decided to stay because of my career. I wouldn’t have done anything differently then. We made the right decision that ultimately helped me build a portable career.

When we got orders to Korea now, it was a no-brainer for me to come. I work from home and am able to do everything to keep my career going thousands of miles away. I wasn’t sure what to expect though. Living in New York, I was able to experience the Korean culture. I’m half Asian, so I was always game for a killer Karaoke session. The last time I was in Korea, I was a little girl. I hold little memories of my time here…so time to create new ones!

Well, I love it here.

It’s different, yes. There are challenges (like driving). And I’m very far from home. But, there is so much to do and experience. If you have the chance to come, jump!

Here are the top things that I absolutely dig about South Korea.


Y’all, the foodie in me is in HEAVEN! Daegu has lots of different options besides Korean food to enjoy. Plus, it all has a different spin on things that are a must to try. For example, Vasco is a Korean-fusion Mexican restaurant that is so delicious. We get the bulgogi tacos (drool!) among other tasty menu options.

Coffee Shops Galore

Every. Single. Corner. There is a coffee shop! If you know me well, you know that I consume a crazy amount of the magic elixir. I have my favorite that I frequent literally around the corner from our home, but no matter where I happen to be at any given time, a delicious coffee shop is close by. 

Bonus, the Starbucks that are here in Korea have completely different options! There are the tried and true things. However, your world will open up when you see the menu at the Korean Starbucks (cue in the harps). I’m all about trying the local fare.

Dessert Cafes

A lot of coffee shops include tasty desserts, but there are places that solely focus on delicious sweets! Our first weekend in Daegu we discovered the amazing ice flakes dessert. Aside from Korean desserts, there are several western sweet options too. 

The Long Rich History

Korea has been around thousands and thousands of years! I’m a huge history buff and enjoy learning about different cultures. There are lots of museums and temples to visit. It’s an incredible opportunity and I’m also excited for the chance to visit other Asian nations.

The People

Everyone here has been so accommodating. I feel welcome and comfortable where ever we go. Despite the language barrier, it’s fairly simple to communicate needs. I’m so grateful that most Koreans know some English, enough to understand what I’m trying to convey. I honestly need to work better on my Korean!

All. The. Walking.

Because South Korea is tiny, cities grow upward. Seriously, South Korea is small. Did you know that my home state of Texas is SEVEN times larger than South Korea?! Sometimes it makes it easier to walk where you need to go. I’ve spent a lot of time living in big cities, so I love walking around! We’ve made it a habit to walk downtown from our apartment. It’s about a 30-40 minute walk, but so enjoyable.  


Who can say they’ve lived in Asia? If you and your family can swing it, I encourage you to give life in South Korea a chance. It also goes by so fast! An accompanied tour starts at two years – and we’re already 1/4 of our way through. Crazy!

Have you been stationed in South Korea? Overseas? What have you loved about it?



  1. I am so glad that you are truly embracing your time there and even better that you are loving it!

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