I’m incredibly excited to finally introduce to you Wandering Rae of Sunshine

A New Year, a new blog name!

A lot has happened in 2017 and one of the things I shared with you is that I was hoping to take this blog in a new direction. Well, I didn’t want to stop discussing career because my job is still a huge part of me. But, I wanted to be more purposeful on sharing the other good and sometimes challenging aspects of what’s going on in my life. 

It’s crazy to think that a year ago we were gearing up for a move to South Korea. I had no idea how life would be like here. I didn’t know how work would go. I was finishing up grad school, which I was a little worried about with the international move. And Xena, I was terrified because I didn’t know how she would handle a move, let alone international move.

Despite all the worries, I was so excited. I was excited to explore another part of the world. I was thrilled for the opportunity to travel to otherwise difficult places. Heck, we went to Fiji because it was affordable. Like what?! We have another fun trip to Vietnam planned this month too. We’re hoping for many, many more adventures, which I’ll share with everyone!

Also, on working from home OCONUS, it’s been great! The timing is a challenge, but I found an opportunity that also works with my off schedule. The times I do need to coordinate stateside, I make do and work a modified schedule. More to come!


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