I wanted to do something extra special for my service member on Veterans Day. The weekend didn’t only encompass Veterans Day, but it was my spouse’s birthday as well. Needless to say, I was hoping to spend the weekend someplace warm too. The weather was getting cold here in South Korea.

Originally, we were going to make our way to Vietnam. However, I discovered the ticket prices escalating to a point where it wasn’t affordable. Later I found out, it was the same week as a very important summit there, which was most likely the cause of the price hike. In an effort to find another reasonable place to travel, Fiji popped up on my search.

Yes, FIJI!

My spouse and I love to travel within our means. We have a travel fund that is entirely separate from our savings. Since we would be flying from South Korea, that opens the door for other destinations that would be more difficult to experience at different locations. Korean Air has a direct flight from Seoul to Fiji – making it extremely easy to visit. I promise to share more of our travel tips soon!

Once in Fiji, you have so many different options from backbacking hostels to family resorts. We stayed at the Wananavu Beach Resort. No need to take a seaplane or boat to the resort, just a cab to drive over to the other side of the main island. They also have a car service to take you back to the airport. They have room options that would fit different budgets, but I opted for upgrading to a beachfront property. I also am an Expedia+ member, which allows for added discounts and completely FREE for service members.

The lush grounds at the resort.
Military Travel Tip: Expedia+ membership is FREE for service members and their family! All you need to do is prove your connection and you’re in. More info here.

Our resort stay included a hearty breakfast buffet that we filled up on for the day. The dining area was spectacular with amazing views.

I let my spouse do whatever he wanted, which was lounge by the pool, beach, and swim. We did do one excursion and took a small speedboat to a secluded beach for a picnic lunch one day, where I snorkeled. – and my spouse napped. The water is so clear and rich around Fiji. Plus, the people are friendly and welcoming. We were perfectly content staying at our beachfront bure (Fijian house) and letting the days go by.

Do you have any questions about Fiji or any other place we’ve traveled? Let me know!


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