Israeli Couscous With Brussel Sprouts and Zucchini

I made an Israeli couscous for a side once for dinner with my husband…and he wasn’t a fan. Basically, he said it was a texture issue. I think he’s crazy. I LOVE Israeli couscous. To me, it’s like little pasta balls. I mentioned in my previous recipe post that I’ve would be making meals that I know my husband wouldn’t like. First, it was a Cauliflower Mac ‘n’ Cheese. Now, I’ve basically created an Israel couscous dish that incorporated two of my favorite veggies: brussel sprouts and zucchini. Be forewarned. When I made this, I didn’t realize how much it would…

First Home-Cooked Solo Dinner: Cauliflower Mac N Cheese

It’s been more than a week since my husband left for his TDY. I’ve been surviving off leftovers and when I was in NYC, I ate out. Although I’m the one that does the cooking at home, my husband helps me put together the menu for the week. When this week started, I was stumped. I had no idea what to do — and also how to tackle all the leftovers that would accumulate when I make food. I’m still working on a good schedule. (Maybe alternate each meal every two days to avoid getting tired of it?) For…